Chinese team Dongfeng has taken the early lead at the opening day of the Volvo Ocean race 2017.

The seven teams on ground started the opening scene from Alicante to Lisbon, which measured 700 nautical miles.

The second leg is slated for November 5 from Lisbon to Cape Town and it would be ten times the distance of the first leg. The third leg is set for Cape Town to Melbourne, measuring around 6500 nautical miles. The planed eleven stages would continue until mid-next yearas the teams slug it out.

Aside Dongfeng skippered by Charles Caudrelier, there is the Dutch AkzoNobel team led by TBC. There are Mapfre of Spain, Vestas 11th hour (USA/Denmark), Hong Kong Sun Hung Kai team, Turn The Tide On Plastic captained by Dee Caffari and another Dutch side Brunel led by BouweBekking.

The around-the-world race started with early drama. Dongfeng had the lead and the right of way but Team Mapfre and Team Brunel pushed too close towards the final turning mark. They were both penalized. The Spanish side claimed the second spot while Vestas 11th Hour beat the competition to third place.

Before the race, AkzoNobel had to settle a leadership tussle. Simeon Tienpont had been announced to be off the team, with Brad Jackson named new skipper. However, Tienpont argued his case and won the arbitration case so he led the team. The nine month-long competition promises more excitement and drama.